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    Professional Workers

  • 4000+

    Daily Output

  • $8 Million

    Annual Sales

  • 3000㎡+

    Workshop Area

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    New Design Monthly Output



  • How to choose different delivery terms in international trade?

    Choosing the right trade terms in international trade is crucial for both parties to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. Here are three factors to consider when choosing trade terms: Risks: The level of risk that each party is willing to take on can help determin...
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  • Promote Your Style with Unique Neoprene Bags

    Are you tired of carrying the same boring bag to work or school every day? Do you want something more in line with your personality? Well look no further! Neoprene bags are the latest fashion trend and they come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes to suit your fashi...
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  • Why Neoprene Tote Bags Are Popular Now?

    In recent years, neoprene handbags have become a best-selling product in the bag category, and the search popularity on Google has also been on the rise. So, what are the advantages of neoprene bags compared to traditional cloth bags, leather bags or bags made of other m...
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  • What is the Neoprene materials?

    Overview of Neoprene materials The Neoprene material is a kind of synthetic rubber foam, there are two kinds of white and black. It is widely used in the manufacture of Neoprene materials, so everyone has an easy-to-understand name for it: SBR (Neoprene material). Chemical composition: a polymer...
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  • Congratulations to Meclon Sports for the ISO9001:2015 and BSCI audits approved

    Warm congratulations to our company for successfully passing the ISO9001:2015 and BSCI audits! In the future, Dongguan Meclon Sports will be more strict with itself, improve quality, and give back to our customers! With the joint efforts of all the company’s staff, Meclon Sports has created...
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  • What is the difference between a knee brace and a knee support?

    What is the difference between a knee brace and a knee support?

    Types of Knee Braces Knee Sleeves come in different sizes, and you can slip them right over your knee. They provide knee compression, which helps control swelling and pain. Knee Sleeves often work well for mild knee pain, and they help minimize arthritis. Sleeves are com...
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  • Innovative new knee brace already showing fantastic results

    Innovative new knee brace already showing fantastic results

    Do knee braces actually help? If worn consistently, a knee brace can offer some stability and increase your confidence in your knee. Some evidence suggests that knee braces can help reduce symptoms and improve function in people who have knee osteoarthritis. How do I kno...
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  • Are knee sleeves necessary?

    Knee sleeves are worth it if you train consistently and heavily. As Weightlifting requires constant squatting movements, knee sleeves can provide the extra warmth, stability, and support that can reduce knee pain. However, if you have healthy knees, there is no need to wear them. What Makes a Gre...
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