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Neoprene Sports Safety

  • Sports Neoprene Elbow Brace

    Sports Neoprene Elbow Brace

    Do you like sports? Have you accidentally caused various elbow injuries during sports? And suffer from joint pain because of it? Then you need this elbow joint protector, which can effectively protect the joints from being damaged by external forces in a 360° all-round way. Thickened sports neoprene elbow brace are your good partner for health + sports.

  • Basketball Knee Pad

    Basketball Knee Pad

    This is a thickened EVA knee pad with a total thickness of 25mm, high elastic three-dimensional weave, no slippage, skin-friendly and breathable, and comfortable to wear. Popliteal hole design, not stuffy, breathable and perspiration.

  • Patella Stabilizer Knee Strap

    Patella Stabilizer Knee Strap

    The Knee Bundle provides proper knee support, stabilizes the knee, distributes shock horizontally to the joint, and reduces pain caused by patellar tendonitis, jumper’s knee, runner’s knee, chondromalacia, and more. Built-in EVA material fits the knee curve, double buckle adjustment, more pressure.

  • Anti-collision Pressurization Knee Pads

    Anti-collision Pressurization Knee Pads

    With triple straps and 6 fish scale spring bars, this knee brace provides you with 360 degrees of more comprehensive support and protection. You can reduce the damage to the knee meniscus and patella during mountaineering, rehabilitation, and fitness. Health and exercise, you can have both.

  • Neoprene Hinged Knee Support

    Neoprene Hinged Knee Support

    Neoprene Hinged Knee Support with hinge brackets on both sides, metal brackets provide stronger support, prevent and repair meniscus knee and patella injuries caused by men and women in sports, metal brackets can adjust the angle to adapt to more different symptoms.

  • Shoulder Gun Holster for Concealed Carry

    Shoulder Gun Holster for Concealed Carry

    QUICK DRAW AND NO PRINTING: Allows you to flick up the retention strap with the back of thumb to draw the firearm quickly and effectively. Also, you can walk, work out, and even run with this shoulder holster’s. this underarm holster allows you to carry concealed discreetly with no possibility of firearm showing through your shirt (printing).

    Fit Glock 17 22 19 23 Glock 26 27 29 42 43 and Glock 34 Glock 35, S&W M&P Shield 9mm M&P Bodyguard 380 M&P9 M2.0 M&P40 M2.0 S&W SD9, Sig Sauer P226 P229 P238 P938 P365, P220 P320, P210 SP2022 Sig LEGION and Sig 1911, Beratta 92X PX4 APX 92G, Springfield XD XD-M XD-S XD-E 911 and 1911 SERIES, Taurus 92 G2c G2s G3 TH40 TH9 TX22, Walther PPK 380 CCP Creed PPS PPQ, Ruger LCP, EC9s LC9s LC380, SR1911, Kimber solo Kimber Micro 9, Kel-Tec P-11, Hi Point 9mm Heckler and Koch P30SK, Kahr PM9, FNS-9 Compact, Subcompact and Full sizes.

  • Ankle Gun Holster for Concealed Carry

    Ankle Gun Holster for Concealed Carry

    MATERIAL:Our ankle holster is made out of padded and breathable surgical grade elastic neoprene with air holes that allow ventilation for your legs – you’ll forget you have it on!

    COMPATIBLE with UNIVERSAL GUN SIZES. FITS ALL LEG SIZES. LEFT OR RIGHT-HANDED CARRY:The universal left or right-handed elastic concealed carry holster was designed to compatible with any size firearm from a sub-compact Glok. 27 all the way up to a full-size .45 1911. 380 9mm . Compatible with Glok. 19 23 26 27 30 36 42 43, S&W M&P Shield 9, Bodyguard 380, Ruger LCP 380, LC9, Sig Sauer P365 P320 P938 and many more compact pistols.

    SPARE MAG POUCH and VARIETY WEAR: Extra magazine pouch for you to carry OC pepper spray, tasers, knives and so on. You can adjust the size of the ankle holster to wear it. Such as calves, knees, thighs and arms, which greatly subsidize your skin.

    QUICK DRAW GUARANTEE. NON-SLIP GUARANTEE:The thumb sleeve can make the back of your thumb bounce the fixing strap to pull out the gun quickly and effectively. Also, you can walk, jump, work out, or even run without slipping your legs.

  • Workout Exercise Wrist Guards for gym

    Workout Exercise Wrist Guards for gym

    This is a simple wrist guard that is easy to wear. The material is made of high-quality neoprene and Chinese OK cloth, and the upgraded version of the zigzag edging technology makes the product more durable and will not easily fall off the line.

  • Ankle Support Brace for Man and Woman

    Ankle Support Brace for Man and Woman

    The 360° wraparound ankle support provides more comprehensive protection, and the shoelace design makes it easier to adjust the tightness. There are upgraded fixing plates on both sides. Open heel keeps your feet more comfortable, fresh and dry. Provides relief or elimination of ankle pain caused by sprains, tendonitis and other acute injuries.

  • Breathable Neoprene Adjustable Compression Ankle Guard

    Breathable Neoprene Adjustable Compression Ankle Guard

    This cross-fixed ankle brace provides targeted support, improves blood circulation, is light and breathable, and can be worn with shoes without compromising comfort. Easy to put on and take off. The ergonomic design conforms to the curvature of the foot without straining the skin.

  • Neoprene Patellar Tendon Knee Support Brace

    Neoprene Patellar Tendon Knee Support Brace

    The upper and lower double pressure belts provide protection for different parts of the knee, the upper belt is for the misalignment of the quadriceps and the lower belt is for the patella, which is suitable for the shape of the knee and maintains the overall stability. Relieve knee pain caused by Jumper’s knee arthritis, bursitis, patellar tendinitis and even quadriceps dislocation and other similar injuries with a comfortable fit and support. Helps reduce patellar stress, relieve patellar tracking impairment and reduce the risk of such injuries.

  • Plus Size Neoprene Hinged Knee Brace

    Plus Size Neoprene Hinged Knee Brace

    Both sides of the knee brace are designed with metal plates to provide stable support for the knee joints, reduce the pressure on the knee, and provide professional muscle support for you in various sports. And it can effectively relieve ACL, arthritis, meniscus tear, tendinitis pain.

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