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Neoprene Cosmetic Bag

Short Description:

Lightweight and sophisticated, this zippered neoprene cosmetic case adds little weight and takes the load off your travels. Go out to be beautiful, but also comfortable. You can have both. The neoprene cosmetic bag also has the advantages of anti-collision, shock resistance, waterproof, strong elasticity and so on. Protect your makeup and your beauty.

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Anti-collision Pressurization Knee Pads

What you can get from using products:

  • Lightweight: Less weight on your journeys makes your journeys and outings easier..
  • Anti-shock and anti-drop: All-round protection of your beauty items without any damage.
  • With zipper: You don't have to worry about the contents of your cosmetic bag falling out at any time you don't know it..
  • Bright pattern: Lots of different bright pattern to choose from, it's easier for you to choose the style you like.
  • 5MM high quality SBR: 5MM thick neoprene materails, offer more shockproof, elastic and soft comfort.


What you can get from us:

  • Source factory, high cost-effective: save you at least 10% compared to buying from a trader.
  • High-quality neoprene material, reject leftovers: the lifetime of high quality material will be increased 3 times then that of leftovers materials.
  • Double needle process, high-grade texture: one less bad review can save you one more customer and profit.
  • One inch six needles, quality assurance: increase the customer's high trust in your brand.
  • Color style can be customized:give your customers one more choosen, expend your market share.


What is our advantages:

  • 15+ years factory: 15+ years of industry precipitation, worthy of your trust. A deep understanding of raw materials, professionalism in the industry and products, and quality control can save you at least 10% of hidden costs.
  • ISO/BSCI Certifications: Dispel your concerns about the factory and save your time and cost.
  • Compensation for delay in delivery: Reduce your sales risk and ensure your sales cycle.
  • Compensation for defective product: Reduce your additional loss due to the defective products.
  • Certification requirements: Products conform to EU(PAHs) and USA(ca65) standards.

Free sample can be supplied for most of our potencial business customers!

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Neoprene Cosmetic Bag-03
Neoprene Cosmetic Bag-04
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Neoprene Cosmetic Bag-06
Neoprene Cosmetic Bag-07
Neoprene Cosmetic Bag-08

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    7MM super thick neoprene


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