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Neoprene Duffle Bag for Travel

Short Description:

This is a neoprene duffle bag designed for travel or moving, with a large capacity. Waterproof, stain-resistant, shock-resistant. Best of all, it’s super light and doesn’t add a lot to your travels. So you can bring an extra item you like.

Product Detail


Materials Show


Basketball Knee Pad

Product Features:

  • Super large capacity: 42*25*37cm super large size, for more storage.
  • 2 Bags: There are 2 bags, one is small, convenient for take the phone, key, card in and off.
  • Bright colors: Thanks to the properties of the neoprene material, it can achieve any bright fabric color and silk screen pattern to make your bag stand out.
  • Super lightweight: The bag itself doesn't have a lot of weight, and you don't need to give up a lot of essentials in order to save weight.
  • 5MM high quality SBR: 5MM thick neoprene materails, offer more shockproof, elastic and soft comfort.
  • A widened webbing: A widened webbing make you wear the bag more comfortable.


Factory Features:

  • Source factory, high cost-effective: save you at least 10% compared to buying from a trader.
  • High-quality neoprene material, reject leftovers: the lifetime of high quality material will be increased 3 times then that of leftovers materials.
  • Double needle process, high-grade texture: one less bad review can save you one more customer and profit.
  • One inch six needles, quality assurance: increase the customer's high trust in your brand.
  • Color style can be customized:give your customers one more choosen, expend your market share.



  • 15+ years factory: 15+ years of industry precipitation, worthy of your trust. A deep understanding of raw materials, professionalism in the industry and products, and quality control can save you at least 10% of hidden costs.
  • ISO/BSCI Certifications: Dispel your concerns about the factory and save your time and cost.
  • Compensation for delay in delivery: Reduce your sales risk and ensure your sales cycle.
  • Compensation for defective product: Reduce your additional loss due to the defective products.
  • Certification requirements: Products conform to EU(PAHs) and USA(ca65) standards.


Why Neoprene Tote Bags Are Popular Now?

In recent years, neoprene handbags have become a best-selling product in the bag category, and the search popularity on Google has also been on the rise. So, what are the advantages of neoprene bags compared to traditional cloth bags, leather bags or bags made of other materials? Below, we will take a detailed look at the characteristics of the neoprene material tote bag.
First of all, the main raw material used in the neoprene material tote bag is neoprene material. This material has many advantages, such as light, anti-drop, wear-resistant, shock-proof, good elasticity, waterproof and so on.


1. Let’s talk about the characteristics of lightness. The role of tote bags is mostly used when people go out, commute to get off work, go shopping, travel, party and so on. Usually we use tote bags because we need to carry a lot of things that we think we must use when going out. But at the same time it adds weight, we have to carry a lot of weight when we go out, which usually causes us to be very tired. The neoprene bag itself is much lighter than a traditional leather bag. This will reduce the burden on consumers when using it.


2. Good elasticity. Another characteristic of neoprene material is that it has good elasticity. All materials with elasticity have the property of returning to their original state, so the neoprene material bag can keep its shape well. Consumers do not have to worry about changes in appearance due to deformation during use.


3. Anti-fall and anti-shock, the neoprene material is a kind of foamed rubber. It also has the softness of rubber and is not afraid of fading and vibration, so it can protect the items in the bag to the greatest extent.


4. Wear resistance, like rubber, neoprene material also has wear resistance. Due to the particularity of the synthesis process, the structure of the neoprene material itself is very strong, and the molecular structure is very tight. The neoprene material tote bag has the same wear resistance as car tires. .


5. Waterproof, the solid molecular structure of the neoprene material is very closely connected, which also forms the material's impermeable characteristics. Ordinary light rain will not wet the contents of the bag and will not cause you additional trouble.


From the world's largest online retail platform, among the products used in neoprene materials, the search volume of neoprene tote bags is also the highest, indicating that neoprene bags are being accepted by consumers, and people are more and more fond of this new material. Neoprene tote bag made of. Google Trends is also a good testament to this fact.

Free sample can be supplied to most of our potencial business customers!

Price Terms

We supply EXW, FOB, CIF, DDP, DDU.

Shipping by Express, Air, Sea, Railage.

FOB port: Shenzhen, Ningbo, Shanghai, Qingdao.


Payment Terms

We supply T/T, Paypal, West Union, Money Gram, Credit Card, Trade Assurance, L/C, D/A, D/P.

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A company who is 15+ years experience on neoprene products

15 Years+ OEM/ODM Experience

Professional in Sports&Fitness Products Manufacture


Neoprene Sports Protection Gear

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10+ New Design Monthly Output


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Dozens of Brand Customers

Our Sample Room&Certifications

We have our own R & D team, our team of technical personnel proficient in the industry related technology development status and future trends of rich product analysis and strong market forward-looking, every year for many customers to provide new product development and design.

In 2021, The Meclon Sports achieved USD 8 million in sales. With high quality, we have established in-depth cooperation with many excellent enterprises. Amazon employees are wearing our products, and McDonald's and other excellent enterprises are also using our products.


What is the Neoprene materials?


Neoprene Materials-04


Overview of Neoprene materials
The Neoprene material is a kind of synthetic rubber foam, there are two kinds of white and black. It is widely used in the manufacture of Neoprene materials, so everyone has an easy-to-understand name for it: SBR (Neoprene material).Chemical composition: a polymer made of chloroprene as a monomer and emulsion polymerization.
Features and scope of application: good weather resistance, ozone aging resistance, self-extinguishing, good oil resistance, second only to nitrile rubber, excellent tensile strength, elongation, elasticity, but poor electrical insulation, storage stability, use The temperature is -35~130℃...

Lead Time

Compensation for delay in delivery.


Compensation for defective goods.


6-18 Monthes warrany.


7*24h after-service.

Factory Direct

High cost performance!

Free Sample

Free sample supplied!

Our Advantages

Material Advantages

Raw materials control ability make us strictly control the quality of raw materials. The cutting of high-quality neoprene materials is based on the natural texture of raw materials. We refuse to use leftover materials to make products for our customers.

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Process Advantage

As a source factory, 100+ professional workers and strict quality control system support our development and growth in the past 15 years. For the product process, we have introduced advanced machines and strictly implemented the production process of 1 inch 6 needles. One less bad review can help our customers lose one less market share.

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Accessories Advantages

All our products, are made of high quality accessories. The Velcro is 100% nylon Velcro. Each Velcro has been tested about 960 times before leaving the factory to ensure maximum stickiness and qualified quality. The elastic band is high-density, and the tensile force is much larger than that of ordinary. The life of high-density elastic band is at least 10 times longer than that of ordinary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a factory or trading company?

We are a source factory with export license and ISO9001 & BSCI.

Can you do OEM/ODM?

Yes, we can do OEM/ODM products. It's highly welcomed.

How does your factory do regarding quality control?

Quality is priority . We always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end:

All raw material we used are environmental-friendly with raw materials certificates;

Skilful workers care every details in handling the producing and packing processes;

Quality Control Department specially responsible for quality checking in each process, every order with 100%

How long is the sample lead time?

For existing samples, it takes 2-3 days. They are free. If you want your own designs, it takes 5-7 days after design confirmed, subject to you designs whether they need new printing screen, etc. If need model, to be negoiated.

How long is the production lead time?

For universal type: 5-7 working days for 1-500pcs 7-15 working days for 501-3000pcs 15-25 working days for 30001-10000pcs 25-40 days for 10001-50000pcs to be negotiated for over 50000pcs.

For customized type: Depends on the situation.

How can I get some samples?

1. We are honored to offer you samples. New clients are expected to pay for the courier cost, the samples are free for you, this charge will be deducted from the payment for formal order.

2. Regarding the courier cost: you can arrange a RPI (remote pick-up) service upon Fedex, UPS, DHL, TNT, etc. to have the samples collected; or inform us your DHL collection account. Then you can pay the freight direct to your local carrier company.

What Other Are Saying

thank you so much..the service is so good..Ms.Andy is very patient to answer all question..the quality is supper good and beautiful logo design.. 

 second order..very good quality

                                                               ---by Hanh Tran


Great quality product. We are very happy with the result

                                                                         ---by Henry Blekemolen

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Marketing Analysis from Amazon

According to research data from the largest online retail platform Amazon, the market capacity of fitness waist trainer has exceeded 300,000 pcs per month in the United States alone. According to google trends data, in the past 5 years, the search popularity of fitness waist trainer has been rising steadily. In the future, the concept of health will continue to gain popularity at an expanding speed.


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